EMDR Group Therapy

About our EMDR Groups

We have been providing EMDR Group Therapy since early 2021. Our EMDR Groups are the first in New Zealand to provide EMDR in groups to survivors of sexual violence. We also provide EMDR Group Therapy to other populations for a range of issues and presentations.

Our specialised work with sexual trauma has led to the development our EMDR Group Therapy Programme, the Sexual Violence Survivors’ (SVS) Group Protocol. SVS EMDR Groups now run from the Kāpiti Coast, Aotearoa, online, and around the globe. 

Why EMDR Group Therapy?

EMDR Group Therapy enables wider access to the evidence based trauma treatment, and we offer this effective therapy in a safe and supported setting.

Our EMDR Groups are a safe and confidential space for participants to sit alongside others who have also survived traumatic events. Witnessing others’ strengths and resources as well as our own can inspire hope, motivation and validation.

Trauma events are not shared with other group participants, and each participant engages in confidential and individual EMDR in the group. 

Being seen and heard are often essential components of trauma recovery and EMDR Group Therapy with us can offer this in a safe and supported way.

Who is suitable for EMDR Group Therapy?

EMDR Group Therapy is suitable for a wide range of issues, demographics and presentations – it’s for all walks of life. If you’re unsure if it would be a good fit for you, please contact us for more information.

Before you engage in EMDR Group Therapy, we recommend you have an available and established support person and/or therapist.
ACC funded participants will need to have an accepted claim and a relationship with a Lead Provider who can provide support between group sessions.

The format

EMDR Group Therapy is divided into a two-part programme, co-facilitated by two or three experienced EMDR Therapists.

Part One

Week One is grounding, connection and preparation.

Week Two and Week Three focus on reprocessing a trauma event.

Part Two

This group is for participants who have completed at least one Part One group.

Week One and Week Two are reprocessing a trauma event (may be the same or different event from Part One). 

Week Three is our future-focussed session. We help you to prepare for future challenges, building resilience and confidence in your own resources and strengths.

There are two or three therapists on hand for each session to facilitate the group and offer 1:1 support as required.


$150 + GST per 2 hour Group EMDR session.

We provide fully subsidised Group EMDR to ACC Sensitive Claims clients. 

How does EMDR Group Therapy work?

EMDR Group Therapy is a brief and targeted intervention for PTSD, recovery from a recent distressing event, or a past event that has been recently triggered.

The aim is to reduce PTSD/acute distress from a traumatic event, whilst strengthening your grounding and stabilisation skills and building future-focussed resilience. We help you to prepare for the future as well as getting past your past.

We have developed a two-part programme so participants can choose whether to focus on grounding and stabilisation, or future-focussed resilience building, in addition to EMDR reprocessing of a trauma event. Part One offers grounding, stabilisation and preparation in addition to trauma reprocessing. Part Two offers trauma reprocessing and future-focussed resilience building for future challenges.

Groups have up to 10 participants, in a safe, contained environment with two or three therapists on hand.

Groups are individual work in a confidential group-based setting, so only you will know what you are reprocessing. There is no sharing of trauma event information in the groups.