Meet our Team...

Emma Sanderson and Ceit Robinson are Accredited EMDRNZ Therapists, Case Consultants in Training and Group EMDR facilitators.

They opened the Kāpiti EMDR & Therapy Centre in 2019, and are Directors of EMDR Group Therapy Aotearoa.

Sharing an interest in working collaboratively with EMDR Therapy, and increasing awareness and accessibility of EMDR, led to the establishment of EMDR Group Therapy Aotearoa. They operate from the Kāpiti EMDR & Therapy Centre, with an ethos that EMDR Group Therapy can make EMDR accessible to a wider population, including those with more complex presentations, and that there is a healing power in groups.

EMDR Group Therapy Aotearoa is the first in NZ to offer EMDR Group Therapy to survivors of sexual violence in a regular programme for ACC, using a pioneering group format the Sexual Violence Survivors’ (SVS) Group Protocol.

They have developed the SVS Group Protocol as a two-part programme so participants can choose whether to focus on grounding and stabilisation, or future-focussed resilience building. They have also developed a Group EMDR programme for first responders.

In addition to running EMDR groups, both Ceit and Emma maintain an individual private practice offering EMDR Therapy, supervision and consultation on their EMDR SVS Group Protocol.

They offer trainings and consultations to clinicians on the EMDR SVS Group Protocol and have helped clinicians set up groups here in Aotearoa and internationally.