We are excited to be offering training and consultation in the SVS EMDR Group Therapy Protocol.

Our next training dates and fees will be released for later 2024. Please contact us if you would like to be on our mailing list for upcoming trainings.

SVS EMDR Group Therapy Training

Our online 1-day training is for clinicians who have completed G-TEP training and are wanting to facilitate or set up EMDR Group Therapy for sexual violence survivors or other trauma populations. The training covers:

– Setting up a group and triage

– The SVS EMDR Group Protocol

– Facilitating group process in the future-focussed session

– All materials including worksheets and scripts are included. 


For clinicians facilitating or interested in setting up EMDR Group Therapy, we offer 1:1 consultations on our model and relational EMDR Group Therapy approach. We offer consultation for clinicians based in Aotearoa NZ and internationally.

To book a consult, please contact us.

EMDR Group Therapy: Emerging Principals and Protocols to Treat Trauma and Beyond

We are thrilled to contribute to this book, a must-have for clinicians setting up and running EMDR Group Therapy for any population. 

This text is recommended alongside the 1-day training.

Purchase your copy of the book here.